Rootwork Herbals offers lovingly handcrafted education, consultations and remedies which bring us back to the roots of herbal medicine. To herbal medicine that is accessible and uncomplicated; that utilizes common plants for health and wholeness; that honors the earth, her plants and her people. Staying true to these roots guides us as we create each product, each consultation and each educational experience!

The quality of our products is deeply rooted in the plants and  our relationship to them. We devotedly grow and wildcraft herbs so that we can guarantee their freshness and vitality. We then gather our herbs at the peak of their potency, closely following the plant’s life cycle, as well as seasonal rhythms. Once harvested, we immediately begin the medicine making process so that the plant’s energy is not lost. All of our medicines are made by our hands in small batches with every detail accounted for.

We also strongly believe in using abundant, local plants over distant and/or rare plants. In fact, most of the herbs we use are so common that most folks only recognize them as weeds. However, we cherish the plentiful offerings of healing and nourishment so freely given by these weeds.

We truly feel that our offerings give honor to the sacred plants who have given their gifts, so that we all may heal.

Enjoy browsing our apothecary!

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