Pure • Effective • Handcrafted • Organic

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Rootwork Herbals offers lovingly handcrafted remedies which bring us back to the roots of herbal medicine. To herbal medicine that is accessible and uncomplicated; that utilizes common plants for health and wholeness; that honors the earth, her plants and her people. Staying true to these roots has guided us to create a line of herbal products that are pure, effective, handcrafted and organic.  

Our products are pure.

Our ingredients are simple and 100% natural. We use nothing extra, nothing artificial and nothing genetically modified. Our products are also unscented and free from essential oils.

Our products are effective.

We use time-honored herbs and formulas whose value has been proven through traditional use, through our own extensive use and through our many satisfied customers. We also craft each product using methods that preserve the plants integrity and ensure optimum potency.

Our products are handcrafted.

We devotedly make each product by hand in small batches to guarantee quality and freshness. We process all of our herbs ourselves and grow and harvest many of the herbs we use.

Our products are organic.

All of our herbs are organic or consciously wildcrafted. We grow and wildcraft most of the herbs used in our products, right on our own homestead, using methods that are respectful, ethical and strictly organic. Herbs not gathered by our own hands are purchased from other certified organic growers whom we have met and know to be sustainable. Our olive oil and other ingredients are also certified organic...ENJOY!

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